Christy Marks

Christy is a sweater stretcher in this blue number. And who doesn't like a set of breasts busting out of a tight sweater, eh? Here we see Christy in someone's highrise apartment, putting on a show (We're positive that there were people looking out of their windows!) and stripping down before bending into all sorts of crazy positions.

Christy Marks – Sweater Stretcher

Christy is practically busting out of this top and thank goodness for that! There is nothing that tit men like more than when a lady sports deep cleavage and maybe even a little nip slip, or two. Christy doesn't disappoint in this vest and keeps it on even when she takes everything else off. And if that weren't enough of a treat, (Because who doesn't like it when a girl is so turned on that she just rips her tits out of her top and goes at it?) she gets completely naked and then lathers up her pussy for some shaving.

Christy Marks – Stacked and Shaving

In the four-way between Eva, Karina, Minka and Christy, it seemed at the beginning that the race would pit Karina vs Christy. In a friendly way. There was no model rivalry between the two of them in Hungary in 2008 and Christy plays well with everyone she meets. Christy was NOY for 2007 and MOY for 2008, and, biggest of all, SCORELAND Model of the Decade.

Christy Marks in black lingerie and fishnet