Ella Silver – Look of Love 2

Ella Silver stays in for her stunning debut pictorial from the photographer, Kiley Coleman. On the location of a cozy home in Los Angeles, California, this Orlando, Florida native, is breathtaking as the camera captures her beautifully. In white lingerie, Ella tells us about the first time she encountered Playboy.

“When I was much younger and started to wear lingerie, I bought a Playboy PJ set that made me feel sexy,” she says, smiling. “I’ve always loved the brand. I feel like I am now a part of history. It’s an absolute honor, and I’ll find it hard to top!” Just dreamy, Ella gets fully nude, showing off her captivating figure. “How do I feel about posing nude? It’s a body,” she says bluntly.

“We all have one, and I find it utterly absurd that in 2019, we still consider the human body taboo. Having the confidence to bare all should be the norm. Everyone is different — everyone is beautiful.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. See more of Ella, coming soon, right here…CONTINUE

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