Top female athletes with a massive bust

When asked about why is there not enough women driving in Formula 1 or Indycar, pundits claim it has a lot to do with their breasts, as they get in the way. While it might sound ridiculous, no female was indeed driving an F1 race for decades now. Still, that doesn’t mean that babes with big breast can’t be successful athletes and even the best in the world. With lots of hard work and the right kind of bra, anything is possible, and these amazing ladies are here to prove it.

Katarina Witt

Let’s start with a legend that is Katarina Witt. She is one of the most successful figure skaters in history, winning a couple of Olympic golds and even more world championships. While most of her rivals were skinny, Katarina paved the way for busty girls, showing that their bra size is not a handicap. This German athlete retired a long time ago, but her beauty and big breasts remained intact. She even sold out the edition of Playboy magazine where she posed nude. We miss watching her, so let’s hope other busty girls will step up.

Gina Carano

Mixed martial artist Gina Carano was a trailblazer, a woman who made everyone pay attention to female fighters. While some might notice her beautiful face and athletic build without an ounce of fat, others will be amazed by her juggs, which were the biggest in MMA at the moment. Gina proved that it’s not all about looks, as she crushed her opponents before suffering the only defeat of her career, against Cris Cyborg. While she still hasn’t ruled out a comeback, Gina Carano shifted to the movie screen and even had a part in Fast & Furious 6. She is still badass, and we know we’ll see more of her.

Simona Halep

Simona is the best female tennis Romania ever produced, and she even reached number 1, while winning the French Open and Wimbledon. Even before her success, she was known worldwide as the girl with enormous breasts which reminded us of sexy Amanda Cerny’s boobs. It’s no wonder that her matches were always popular, even among the non-tennis crowd. Still, her 34DD sized tits were too much for her, as no sports bra would help her. Desperate for success, she reduced the size of her breasts to 34C, which is still decent. While men around the world were not so happy about that, Simona proved she was right as she immediately started her rise to the top. So, be happy for her.

Amy Duggan

Amy Duggan was the reason while many of us started watching female association football. This blonde Australian beauty was a member of Australian national football team, playing as a defender. While we could see Hope Solo nude in magazines, Amy never did that kind of editorial and retired early, at the age of 26 because of numerous injuries. That’s a shame because her massive melons are still a thing of beauty.

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