Jul 032013


A relatively new player has been scoring home runs with SCORE and Voluptuous guys since she arrived at the SCORE stadium. Yes, there is an angel in the outfield. The name is Siri. Blonde, beautiful, bosomy and booty-ful. And she also has a neatly trimmed infield that has to please those guys who like a little turf by home plate. Siri has it all and she gives her all. You should see her do a 7th inning stretch.


Siri – for more pics and videos – CLICK HERE!
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Mar 252013


Siri as a maid? Works for us. The beautiful blonde could clean your room and bust your nut at the same time. Overtime? We’re sure you would not complain about that. There was an episode on Seinfeld about a maid who would fuck Jerry but never clean his place. She didn’t wear a hot maid’s outfit either… CONTINUE

Siri – for more pics and videos – CLICK HERE!

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Feb 262012

Meet Siri. She’s new to SCORELAND. Siri will guide you on the way to a big-boob happy ending. If you’re thinking this snow-white, creamy-skinned blonde is of Scandinavian background, her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota confirms it. “I’m a very sexual girl,” says Siri. She’s got Swedish heritage and Siri is short for Sigrid… CONTINUE

Body Type: Stacked
Stats: 40-29-38
Bra Size: 32HH
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 155 lbs.
Location: California

Siri at Scoreland.com – CLICK HERE for more pics and videos
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