Natalie Fiore

Natalie Fiore has perfect taste in picking the right tops to showcase her bigger-than-big chest. Case in point: this black & white striped tank-top with cut-outs on the back. Below the waist, she chooses second-skin jeggings and the kind of heels girls wear for bedroom gymnastics and Natalie is set to produce hardwood wherever she goes. Did she fly home from her SCORE shoot dressed like that?

Natalie Fiore Burns Up The Kitchen

Natalie is no stranger to traveling for SCORE holidays. She's been to Nassau in the Bahamas (her very first trip), Grand Bahama Island and Prague for SCORE photo shoots. She is a huge favorite and constantly requested. Notice anything different about Natalie this time? Her tits have grown bigger once again. Will her growth spurts ever stop? We hope not. Natalie's red monokini is close to the ripping point.

Natalie Fiore – Monokini Madness in Mexico

One of SCORELAND's Top Rated 20 Models, Natalie recently returned from another SCORE trip, this one to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a city not visited since 2000 when Arianna, Via Paxton and Lovette took over the place and whacked a few piñatas. (The Blog featured a daily rundown about the new trip. We'll be seeing the fruits of their week soon.) A brickhouse favorite, Natalie's been knocking us out since she first decided to share her stacked body with the world.

Natalie Fiore – Boobs-Eye View