Lana Ivans – Tight Jeans, Tight Tops 1

“I go to the gym and I eat a healthy diet. I eat a lot of corn,” said Lana Ivans. She claims eating corn induces breast growth in girls. This is some Romanian thing. Arianna Sinn also believes in the corn-boob connection.

It took a few seconds for Lana to answer in two words what her hobbies are. “Have sex.” No stamp collecting. No watching Harry Potter movies. “My favorite position is riding. I also like sixty-nine. I like a guy to fuck my boobs while I’m on top of him. I like to wake a man up with a nice blow job. They say I’m…a 10.”

Romania is the great, undiscovered land of top-heavy sweet things. Our photographers first went there in 2003 and found Joana Bliss, Crisa and several others. Years later, the big wave hit…CONTINUE

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