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You could say that Cybergirl Rebecca Lynn is muy linda — that’s Spanish for very pretty. This Cybergirl made her way down south for an international model feature in Playboy Mexico. She’s as sultry as ever atop many leather couches in the nude, with nothing but her dark chocolate brown hair, long legs, and round breasts in the spotlight. It’s no wonder she’s created an international following, because, with a body like hers, it’s difficult to look away even just for a second. When it comes to her favorite part of her own body, Miss Lynn knows how to work what she has. “I think my eyes, I know exactly how to use them to seduce a man. It’s like a secret trap,” she jokes. In the opposite sex, she’s willing to put herself out there, “I always go for them,” she says, “If there’s something I want, I will not stop until I get it.” But don’t get ahead of yourself men, she is holding out for the guy who will speak up. “I love someone who feels comfortable in their own skin, that’s super sexy,” she explains, “Of course, most women prefer to be approached, it is very flattering.” Make your way over to this international beauty, right here only on Playboy Plus.

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Tiffany Taylor, Christi Shake, Samantha Baily, Natalia Kane

Tiffany Taylor Christi Shake Samantha Baily Natalie Kane

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Megan Mooney 4 Amber Elise 2 Lena Erickson Natalie Marie


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