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Anna Opsal is a sophisticated Scandinavian who knows how to be professional in public and naughty in private. “I want a man who is highly intelligent—otherwise I’ll be bored and honestly, I won’t even find him attractive. He should also be charming, funny and kind. Kindness is underrated,” explains the blue-eyed Dane, her blonde locks tightly wrapped into a bun. “I also want a man who is confident. I want a man who makes me feel like I can rely on him. I like extroverted men since I am very introverted so I admire that quality since I don’t possess it myself.” She may not be extroverted, but the busty international model is definitely bold and beautiful—especially when her lingerie and thigh-high stockings come off on photographer Holly Randall’s bathroom set. “I have a sexual fantasy that I will probably never live out and maybe that’s for the better,” says voluptuous Anna as she heads to the shower to rinse off the suds from her bubble bath. “I have a fantasy where I have sex with more than one guy. It’s quite normal for women to fantasize about being with two or multiple men at once.” Fantasize about Cybergirl Anna Opsal, right here on Playboy Plus.


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Megan Mooney, Amber Elise, Lena Erickson, Natalie Marie

Megan Mooney 4 Amber Elise 2 Lena Erickson Natalie Marie

Tiffany Taylor, Christi Shake, Samantha Baily, Natalia Kane

Tiffany Taylor Christi Shake Samantha Baily Natalie Kane

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