Macarena Lemos – Playboy Argentina 2

Playboy Argentina is graciously sharing with Playboy Plus their hottie with a body from Buenos Aires, International Playmate Macarena Lemos. As a sexy nerd and Argentinian millennial, the busty blonde’s cellphone is always full of scandalous selfies which she proudly shared with photographer Luis Sens who used the salacious material as inspiration for this set. Wearing black, rimmed glasses and a white camisole with a healthy dose of side-boob, Playboy Argentina’s Miss September 2014 seductively demonstrated her selfie skills for the cameras—with and without clothing. Happy with her work, the excited Latina with the peace sign tattoo on the nape of her neck posted her highly suggestive selfies on social media. Up your selfie game with international model Macarena Lemos, right here on Playboy Plus.


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Tiffany Taylor, Christi Shake, Samantha Baily, Natalia Kane

Tiffany Taylor Christi Shake Samantha Baily Natalie Kane

Megan Mooney, Amber Elise, Lena Erickson, Natalie Marie

Megan Mooney 4 Amber Elise 2 Lena Erickson Natalie Marie


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